About us

ADI HR & CONSULTING was established with the ultimate vision; serving India with the most reliable and top-quality recruiting services. In the past decade, we have gained a worthy reputation of becoming the top leading manpower recruitment agency in India.

We have set great records in providing suitable candidates to top companies as well as multinational firms in India. We are also providing the best recruitment options by stepping into foreign countries including the Middle East and setting great records in recruiting manpower to countries in various parts of the world as well.

We are ISO Certified and have an authentic license and certifications that are approved by the Ministery of Employment and the Government of India. Our firm is also verified by the Labor Department of India. ADI HR & CONSULTING is slowly taking over the labor market by setting up newer heights and targets from time to time. Clients have put enough faith in us who firmly believe in our manpower placement services. We are proud to announce that we treat all our clients equally and are the top-notch recruitment agency that has become widely popular as we continue to provide the firms with the required manpower.

Recruiting companies face no issue in putting all faith and trust in our services. Our HR team and manpower placement services make us the #1 Recruitment Agency. We are considered the best as we continue to excel and improve our services. Currently, our human resource and staffing services are expanding. The work which we do is increasing with every passing day, our commitments and relationships are becoming stronger, the staffing, recruitment, and employment consultancy services continue to thrive in the job market.

What Makes Our Recruitment Services Stand Out?

Our offices are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to carry out extensive background checks via the Internet, conduct meetings and interviews online while managing a full portfolio of clients and firms. Our computers are secure with firewalls and an audio-video security aid system so all information remains confidential. From the basic facilities of fast working Internet to cellular service and experienced manpower; ADI HR & CONSULTING has it all. We also have a company-wide networking facility that is readily available to aid all human resource requirements.

Our server is up to date provides fast information without any delays in the processing part. Once the clients are satisfied with systems of operations, they put all faith in us while we complete the task at hand. Through joint ventures by providing services to multinational companies, our exceptional manpower recruitment options and dedicated team has allowed distinguished firms to trust us completely.

Our Vision

We aim for the future in the hope of becoming the only talented, component, and reliable manpower recruitment agency. Undoubtedly we want to provide our clients with a component workforce by putting our best foot forward and giving them exceptional services through our upgraded facilities and systems.

Our Mission

Our Motto is Client Satisfaction. We recognize the global need for Employment through which candidates should have confidence in realizing their true potential and capabilities, fitting into a place where they truly belong. We wish to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities so they can enhance their competence. We also aim on raising the factor of competitiveness in the Indian job market so that candidates push and strive further and prove to become dedicated team members in the future.

Industries We Serve