Career Consultant

Career Consultant in Kolkata

By availing our career consultant services, clients can work on their careers and climb the ladder of the path of success. We want the employees’ experiences to be truly rewarding by working in an environment in which they truly belong. We fully understand that in order to achieve that goal in life; having a successful career is one of the main aspects.

At times fresh graduates don’t know where to start and are clueless on how to step into the real world. That’s where we come in!

We assist them in making:

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Suggestion training programs or short courses

The transition into a firm can be difficult at the beginning however we also aid in negotiations aspects in which we talk about salary, medical, or transportation allowance on the candidate’s behalf.

Our career consultant services can be truly rewarding once employees put their faith in us as we place them in their desired company that fulfills their requirements. We set better goals, aiming them to reach higher in taking greater decisions and realizing their natural strengths.

We at ADI HR &CONSULTING help clients re-evaluate their goals in life by coaching them to keep on taking continuous action and develop a sense of responsibility and purpose. With a clear set of mind, we assist them in achieving the results not only in the professional aspect but on a personal level as well.

Is Our Career Consultant Service For You?

  • Are you unable to set a list of goals?
  • Are you confused about where to take a start and need guidance from someone to land your dream job?
  • How do you reach to a certain point in your career where you are truly satisfied with your position?
  • Have a certain set of requirements and don’t know if the job market is flexible enough for those demands to be accepted?
  • Do you need help getting a promotion or negotiating better benefits as part of your contract?
  • How to find a job that helps you go beyond the limits and realize your true potential?

If you have any of these questions or are confused about these queries then our career consultant services are definitely for you. We have an experienced and qualified team of consultants who give equal priority to all clients and guide them along every step of the way.

You Are In Charge Of Your Career To Maximize Your Full Professional Potential

Set Career Goals

We assist you in setting up a strong position through which you can list down your requirements while we do the placement.


By improving your set of skills, we are in a position to fight for better terms as part of your contract, making your placement in the company stronger.


By developing effective strategies and understanding the company dynamics, we help you make a firm standing position in the company.

What Makes Our Career Consultant Services Stand Out?

Our services are unique mostly because we have deep insight into the Indian job market. Our roots have become stronger in which larger companies come to us for placement. We are the first to know of any particular job openings; before they even hit the market, our suggested candidates are the first in line.

We at ADI HR &CONSULTING have a hard-working and dedicated team with years of corporate experience that help you in tackling any obstacle which might arise in your career life. We use an entirely different approach so that you can take a step forward in your life.