Corporate Training

Corporate Training in Kolkata

We provide our candidates with specialized training programs that are formulated with certain functions and roles; the ability to allow candidates to push beyond their limits and address various learning objects.

Our Goal

Through our corporate training service, we aim to change the mindsets of the existing job market in India, allowing the candidates to broaden their knowledge and potential.

Our multinational firms who are the most esteemed clients look at us to help them create a talented workforce. We at ADI HR &CONSULTING do this by training candidates through customized workshops that have a high focus on interactivity and creativity. The workshops are carried out by experienced individuals who have been a part of the job industry for quite some time and using their experiences; they guide the candidates through a one on one interaction basis.


Our agency believes that in the saying “actions speak louder than words”. We remain in touch with our previous clients who from time to time share their valued knowledge on how they landed promotions, dream jobs, and additional benefits in their careers.

Almost 90% of our Clientèle have been successful in their career through our job placement. This is mostly done through the Corporate training which they received from specialized mentors. The career experts of various fields add their valuable knowledge as part of our training sessions that not only has a high impact on our training sessions but this adds interest in our candidates as well. We use modernized training principles, customized tools advanced learning content as part of our workshop.

The corporate training sessions are programmed and aligned in a way that keeps in mind the current job market trend in top firms. This includes courses, languages, and workshops that could further add benefit to the candidate’s resume.

Corporate Training Workshop

We offer various types of corporate training programs including:


Leadership Development

This program particularly follows the training of organizational culture including business strategic vision. This training program is specifically designed for managers or candidates who wish to apply to a firm’s managerial position. Such candidates would play a positive role and prove to be an influential leaders in the corporate world.

Sales Performance

The sales training program is designed to allow individuals to see the ongoing trends in the market and set a sales team accordingly. The candidates should be able to get a full grasp on developing business models and interpreting the sales cycle by taking a few classes from our sales Performance program.

Employment Orientation

Our agency has seen an ongoing trend that several fresh candidates require guidance on how to enter the corporate world. Similarly, those who are lucky enough to start their career right away, need a little guidance on how to prove themselves a valuable asset to the company. We offer orientation programs that allow candidates to excel in the corporate world.

Digital Training

COVID 19 has proved to us that firms can work remotely and still be successful. The key to that is communication within the teams and learning how to use digitized tools. We have designed our digital training course so that candidates can learn about emerging technologies like artificial intelligence or data analytics.