Manpower Recruitment

The Top Recruitment Services as Employment Agency In India

ADI HR &CONSULTING is a certified manpower recruitment agency that can help you land your dream job. We can proudly say that we are the top and leading licensed consultants in the Kolkata region as we promote employment and help candidates find local as well as foreign jobs.

Due to our advanced and wide network, firms can also associate themselves with our HR services to find the most suitable person for the job that fulfills the requirements. We aid in all types of sectors and the level of degree isn’t an issue for us to help one land jobs. Candidates can be nonprofessionals or have zero level of experience; our able team helps them in realizing their true capabilities and potentials so they can excel in the future.

ManPower Foreign Job Consultancy Service

Our firm has received accreditation from the foreign ministry of India through which we also find employment for those candidates who wish to work overseas. If they fit the prerequisite requirements of multinational firms then our legal processes make it convenient for them to land their dream job.

Several multinational firms also turn to our company to supply Indian manpower; non-technical and technical labor are both demanded. We offer recruitment services by becoming the frond Head of the company and do rounds of interviews and screen testing before suggesting the most appropriate candidate.

Why Are We The Leading Manpower Agency In Kolkata?

Our manpower services have become widely popular as client satisfaction is our biggest asset and we carry out a rigorous recruitment process that is followed in multiple stages to match the company requirements to that of the candidate’s capabilities. We provide absolute assurance and are committed to undertaking the recruitment process with utmost importance for our esteemed clients.

We have taken upon ourselves the first pivotal step in carefully revising the manpower demand and needs in the manpower market of India.

Temporary and Contract-Based Manpower Services

Several companies demand temporary manpower recruitment on contract-based hiring. In such circumstances the employers have their own set of terms mentioned, giving very little flexibility to the candidates.

Following this set of requirements; we initiate the manpower search by searching through our extensive and exclusive database and headhunting services.

List Of Documents Required From Candidates For Our Database