Post Requirement

Post Your Requirements with ADI HR & Consulting and rest assured, as we find the best candidates with relevant experience for your company. When you Post Your Requirements, we ensure that our referred candidates match the expectations and suit the required profile.

ADI HR &CONSULTING stands out from the rest of the manpower recruitment agencies as client support and satisfaction are our top priority. Our recruitment agency had become well known because more than 90% of our candidates were suitable in the firms in which they were placed.

This is only possible if the candidates tell us their qualifications and expertise and most importantly the recruitment firms guide us to what exactly are they looking for in a candidate. We suggest the recruiters be precise in what they are searching for. Our HR services would make it their top priority that the candidates which we suggest tick all the marks of the recruiters.

We would also like to acknowledge that even though we have a very extensive selection program for the candidates; the recruiters can be at ease that our agency would find them the most suitable candidate for their firm.

Our Selection Process

Recruiters Requirement

To fully understand the recruiters’ demands and needs, we ask the employers a series of questions via phone, email, or in-person interviews. We have a certain checkmark list that they have to fill.

Selecting Candidates

After posting the job requirements on various media tools and looking through our database of candidates, we shortlist the individuals who match the recruiters’ requirements.

Screening Process

We further narrow down the list through our screening process which makes it easier to further select the candidate for the recruiters. We carry out a series of interviews and selection-made tests which the candidates have to pass.


This is the last process in which only a handful of candidates make it through. We suggest that recruiters take part in the interview process so they can make the final decision of hiring a suitable candidate.